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Xiang yuan yu to teach you how to choose the Type - C cable

by:Richupon      2020-10-27

now on the market more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to apply the Type - C interface, because of its different interface Type, carrying Type - in use C interface equipment, we can neither use apple data cable can't use the android for charging and data transmission cable, can only use the type - C cable.

the choose and buy apple and android data line has its own skills, so, the Type - How to choose C cable? Basically see the following three points:

the first: both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable

Type - The difference between the C cable and other cable for intuitive, is both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable. 类型, C cable manufacturers said this is not only to increase the consumer experience, reduce the time of the plug cable, also can improve the Type - C cable service life and safety.

of course, now on the market of android mobile phones with apple launched double-side pluggable data cable.

the second: fast charging

as the mobile phone use frequency is taller, everyone in the selection of equipment will be preferred when considering the battery of large capacity, fast charging device. 类型, C charging speed is much faster than traditional USB interface, so they often do.

the third: has a two-way charging function

carrying Type - Equipment can be through the Type - C interface C lines to connect mobile power for charging, no need to carry the charging line, a wall and filling Type - C line. In addition, in choosing the Type - C cable, should pay attention to current limit oh.

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