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How to better dispose of used data cable?


Everyone has seen worn-out data cables, so for some obsolete data cables, what is the best way to deal with them? Next, Richupon Usb Cables Manufacturers will introduce the common methods for disposing of used data cable.

Disposal of used data cable

1. For data cables with newer colors or useful value, you can do this:

1) Bund up with a storage box or rope, so that these data cables that cannot bear to be discarded look neat and comfortable to look at.

2). You can choose the one that is common to your existing equipment, and allocate one in different places (such as office, frequently-carried bags, home and car, etc.)

3). It can be given to relatives and friends, or posted on second-hand forums, and transferred to people in need.

2. For data cables that are broken, outdated, and useless, you can do this:

1). It can be given to hawkers who collect waste products. Throwing away the data cable at will will pollute the environment and it is also a waste.

2). If it is a recently broken data cable, check whether it is within the warranty period, and find a dealer to repair or replace it.

3) Friends who understand technology can DIY the discarded data cable into a complete data cable extension cord and reuse it. Tip: This is not recommended for non-professionals.

3. It can be used as a tying rope or made into small crafts, which can be used as waste and decorate the nest. Isn't it the best of both worlds?

data cable

How to make data cable

1. Wire cutting (usually our data cable manufacturers use automatic wire cutting machines to cut wires, rarely manual wire cutting, automatic wire cutting machines are stripped),

2. Peeling (we use automatic peeling machine and semi-automatic peeling machine to peel the inner skin),

3. Soldering the USB plug (there are two types: automatic soldering machine to solder and manual soldering),

4. The semi-finished product inspection of data cable, whether the welding head is fake welding wire appearance inspection, etc.

5. Molding the USB, (if there are separate inner and outer molds, the inner and outer molds must be formed separately. Generally, it only needs to form the outer mold once or assemble the rubber shell

6. Test-check appearance-tie line-packaging.

Details of using data cable

First, no rough pulling

As we all know, the visible part of the data cable is mainly composed of lines and the interface connected with the mobile phone, but there are corresponding line materials inside the data cable. If the owner needs to plug and unplug the mobile phone data cable too roughly, it may cause damage to the internal circuit, so try to avoid rough pulling or unplugging it during use.

Second, you need to unplug the socket when it is idle and place it naturally

A large part of the owners have the habit of plugging the mobile phone data cable into the socket for a long time, but they don't know that if the data cable is not used, it may cause the internal components to deteriorate. Therefore, when the mobile phone data cable is idle, it should be unplugged from the socket in time, and at the same time, the data cable should be naturally placed away from the heat source.

Third, follow the instructions for use

Any product comes with an instruction manual when it is purchased, and a cable product such as a mobile phone data cable also has an instruction manual. However, many owners think that they are familiar with the control process of the data cable and do not read the manual. In fact, many owners do not know the details of the use of the data cable and cause unnecessary damage to the data cable.

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