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Toshiba Robotic cleaner


Toshiba is one of our valuable customers. In the beginning, we were supplying wire harness that used on the robotic cleaner. According to the requirements from Toshiba, they need: high electrical and mechanical performance; tolerance on pressure, abrasion, and high temperature; anti-aging; small wire diameter; rated current must in the required range; low cost; and short production period.


After the negotiations between our R&D department and Toshiba engineering, we decide to use the terminal that made from JST, which is a high-quality Japanese company. It perfectly satisfies the requirements of Toshiba.


For electric wire, we decided to use AUG28-AWG32, UL and RoHS satisfied electric wire. The products that Japanese companies have are in good quality but expensive. We decide to choose Wonderful instead of other Japanese companies. They have a similar quality, but Wonderful has a much lower price. We save a lot of money from customers' pockets.


Also, our Japanese imported automatic crimping machine makes sure we can deliver our products with a short production period and has a periodic delivery time.


Finally, Toshiba has a much lower price supplier, more stable products, and periodic delivery time. We get excellent supplier prize from Toshiba through our development.