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Richupon usb cables manufacturers have 18 years experience in custom usb cables and usb data cable manufacturing.


OEM&ODM service

With 18 years’ rich experience on custom usb cables,and usb data cables manufacturing, Richupon usb cables manufacturers have our research and development team to satisfy our customer’s OEM and ODM demand.


For custom usb cables service, we could print your logo at our exit product. Also, our quota price includes usb data cables simples package, we could use your design or help you design the package.


For ODM service, our professional engineer will give you the best price according to your blueprint. They could also design the products( like custom usb cables,usb data cables,etc.) with your request.


Laboratory quality control

Richupon usb cables manufacturers' quality control team has their own laboratory to test our new designed usb data cables products. Test events include Plug and Pull Test, Pull Out Force Test, Swing Test and Salt Spray Test.

Core Usb Data Cables Products

Richupon usb cables manufacturers professionally custom usb cables and manufacturing usb data cables,wire Harnesses and OEM Assemblies.


Custom Usb Cables Workshops and Equipment

Richupon usb cables manufacturers have professional usb data cables workshops.


Our office custom usb cables staffs all have well training and high professional quality. Especially our engineers, they are working in our industry for at least five years. They will offer high-quality service with their professional knowledge.

Quality Check

Custom usb cables' quality is our primary goal. Our quality check team will inspect the workshop every 2 hours. Also, we have at least three quality check steps between the whole production process.

Automation Equipment

As a high-tech usb cables manufacturers, we are using a bunch of automation equipment to make our product. They make sure we can arrange our production plan better and have a consistently high quality.

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Injection Molding Process

For the injection molding process, we are not only considering usb data cables' product quality but also the worker's safety. We use high accuracy mold for molding. Also, our injection molding machine is completely safe for the workers.


We have more than 3000 square meters workshop and more than 200 labors. Everyone has pre-job training and work with our 8 "S" regulation. The first five "S" is from Japanese, and the last three "S" is made by ourselves with Chinese.

Laser Soldering Machine

For some of our custom usb cables products, we are using laser welding machine instead of traditional manual welding. It makes sure we can have high accuracy soldering for our high-end product.

Our Custom Usb Cables Customers

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