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News 240W USB4 cable made by Richupon


In current market there are two kinds of way of manufacturing USB4 cable. One is using coaxial cable to manufacturing USB4 cable. Another is to use twisted pair cable to manufacturing USB4 cable. Then what is difference from these two ways of manufacturing USB4 cable? What’s the advantage for these two ways of manufacturing the USB4 cable?

First of all there comes the first way of using coaxial cable to manufacture the USB4 cable. The advantage of this way of using coaxial cable is ensuring the data transmitting speed to 40GB per second. The disadvantage is the process is very difficult. This directly cause the deffective rate getting higher to over ten percent. Thus the manufacturing effect also getting worse.Finally caused end user will have to pay more cost.

How about the another way of using twisted pair to manufacture the USB 4.0 version?

The advantage of using the twisted pair cable to manufacture the USB4 cable is to simplify the process as type c 3.1 G2 cable made by Richupon to enhance the good finished rate Then the production cost could be decreased The end user will get benefit too.The disadvantage is the length cannot be long as two meters.But technology is developing very fast .Go on with the improvement of process in sodering technology between copper wire and PCB soldering point Richupon company is able to produce the USB4 by using twisted pair cable meet 40GB per second.

We checked type c to c 3.1G2 cable data transmitting speed by transmit 40 series TV programs from notebook to mobile.The time lasted only ten seconds. The end user also could use the same way to check the USB4 cable. First prepare 40 series TV programs in your notebook then connect the note book with your mobile to transmit the data from notebook to mobile to check the time.Guess how long time will it take? Of course it is very short.Earn you can not realized. Because it is too fast to be noted by your self. Few seconds!

Is it incredible? Yes it is. Let go with USB4 cable together and enjoy the fast data transmitting life made by Richupon!