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How to select data cable?


The data cable is probably the least visible thing in the phone's box, but it's just as important that the cable is stable and easy to use. A lot of people don't know which data cable is better to choose, so how should we choose the data cable?


1. How to select a data cable


1) manufacturing technology of data cables: there are about three kinds of manufacturing technology of data cables that can be found on the market: the woven data cables are strong and durable, so the tensile strength is very strong, which is of great help to prolong the life of the data cables. In addition, the control chip in the data cable interface also has a certain protection effect.


2) the wire resistance of pure copper core is small, which can improve the charging efficiency of the data cable. Therefore, when choosing the data cable of mobile phone, try to choose the data cable made of pure copper core material.


3) the most bad part of the data cable is the interface at both ends, so the interface is very important when selecting the data cable. Be sure to see if the interface is made of aluminum alloy. Because aluminium alloy material can avoid to use effectively because oxidation rusts influence.

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2. Notes for selecting data cable


1) phone data cable plug: the plug should be fully sewn, smooth and without burr. The results showed that the gold-plated plug was more conductive and more resistant to wear and oxidation.


2) phone data cable thickness: the conductor core of the phone data cable with a thick diameter is generally thicker, which can be pulled outside and has a good protective effect on the internal core. Generally, the charging cable core adopts 22AWG~24AWG type pure copper core, which supports the charging current up to 2.1a. With the quick charging head, the phone can be fully charged in the shortest time.


3) overall workmanship: good mobile phone data cable adopts high-quality PVC outer quilt, through precision injection molding, the joint is formed in one, the thread has a good sense of skill, elastic foot, anti-aging, not easy to break, so that you can use it freely.


3. Precautions when using the data cable:


1) do not yank or pull the data cable when plugging or unplugging. When you pull the data cable from the adapter, computer or mobile phone, please hold the head and pull it out. Avoid pulling the body of the data cable as much as possible to prevent damage and fracture of the wire and the joint.


2) when the data cable is idle, it should be placed naturally. Do not fold and bend the data cable by force. The data cable is made of the aluminum foil shielding layer of the plastic box. A long time of folding and bending will damage the external plastic layer and the aluminum foil shielding layer of the data cable and reduce the service life of the data cable.


3) avoid close to strong heat sources. The skin of the data cable is gelatinous. If it is close to a strong heat source (such as a very hot mobile power supply), it will cause expansion and contraction of the wire by heat, and the wire will be damaged and broken easily after being stimulated by high temperature for a long time and many times.


4) pay attention to moisture and dust prevention, do not put in wet or dusty places. The end of the data cable is made of metal, which is easy to be oxidized by water and dust. Improper maintenance will lead to water and dust entering the cable, directly resulting in short circuit of the data cable and failure of normal operation.


5) when the data cable is not in use, try to avoid connecting the plug to the insertion row. Even if the charger is not charged, the long use of the charger will lead to the aging of internal devices, the output power will be reduced, and the charging will be slower and slower.


6) after connecting the mobile phone with the computer and other devices through the data cable, please select "safely delete the hardware" and exit safely. Directly disconnect the data cable may cause damage to your phone and computer.