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What are the advantages of custom data cable?


In daily life, data cable is very common. Generally, a data cable is distributed when buying a mobile phone, but some people like to customize a data cable. So what are the advantages of custom data cable?

Advantages of custom data cable

1. Not easy to break or leak

When many users use the USB data cable, they always have to fold the USB data cable to facilitate their own use. The practice of folding can easily cause the plastic coating on the periphery of the USB data cable to break, and the internal wires are exposed. The current is easy to leak and there is a safety risk. When using the USB data cable to customize, the manufacturer of the USB data cable will use a solid plastic coating to ensure that it will not be broken or leaked due to folding during use.

2. The coating is not easy to age

The plastic coating on the outside of the USB data cable and the connectors at both ends need to be wrapped with plastic materials. The place where it is connected to the socket and the device is prone to aging and falling off of the plastic. After customizing the USB data cable, the manufacturer will deliberately wrap the plating layer and the connector ends of the USB data cable with a plastic coating with a long aging cycle during the USB data cable customization process to extend the life of the USB data cable customization.

3. Fast current transmission

USB data cables are mostly used for charging, or rely on current to transmit information. If the conductor in the USB data cable is ordinary metal, the current transmission speed is slow, and it cannot support the high requirements of e-sports. When using USB data line customization, the usb data line customization mechanism will use advanced semiconductor materials in the conductor, which has a faster current transmission speed than traditional metal conductors.

custom data cable

How to identify the quality of the data cable

Method 1: Observe the workmanship at the interface

It is well known that the mobile phone data line is a cable product that is used extremely frequently, and the part where the product is in frequent contact with the mobile phone is the interface. Generally, the overall workmanship of the high-quality mobile phone data lines is very delicate, especially the production process at the interface looks extremely delicate, so the owner can judge the quality by observing the workmanship of the data line interface.

Method two, understand the line material

For the mobile phone data cable, the material selected for the production line will also affect the overall quality, so the owner can also judge its quality by understanding the material that constitutes the data line. If a data cable uses a high-quality thick copper core inside and is wrapped by aluminum foil and a metal braid outside the copper core, the quality of the data cable of this material is generally not too bad.

Method 3: Check the quality of the selected outsourcing materials

At present, most of the current outsourcing materials for mobile phone data lines on the market are ordinary plastic and rubber materials, and the quality of rubber materials is better than ordinary plastic materials. When identifying the quality of the mobile phone data line, the owner can learn about the selected outsourcing materials by observing the data line description, and try to choose those outsourcing materials made of rubber when conditions permit.

Operations that need to be avoided when using the data cable

First, no rough pulling

As we all know, the visible part of the mobile phone data line is mainly composed of the line and the interface connected with the mobile phone, but there is also a corresponding line material composition inside the data line. If the phone owner needs to plug and unplug the mobile phone data cable too rough, it may damage the internal circuit, so try to avoid rough pulling or plugging it during use.

Second, you need to unplug the socket when it is idle and place it naturally

A large part of the owners have the habit of plugging the mobile phone data cable into the socket for a long time. They do not know that if the data cable is not used, it may cause the internal components to deteriorate. Therefore, when the mobile phone data line is idle, it should be unplugged from the socket in time, and at the same time, the data line should be naturally placed away from the heat source.

Third, follow the instructions for use

Any product comes with an instruction manual when it is purchased, and a cable product such as a mobile phone data cable also has an instruction manual. However, many owners think that they are familiar with the control process of the data cable and do not read the manual. In fact, many owners do not know the details of the use of the data cable and cause unnecessary damage to the data cable.

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