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How to clean the dirty data cable?


Data cable daily use frequency is high, will inevitably be stained with some fingerprints, dust, a long time will leave dirt, so how to clean the dirty data cable?Richupon data cable manufacturer will tell you how to clean data cable.

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Data cable cleaning method

The easiest way to do this is with a hot towel. Pour the towel on the warm water between 40~60℃, wring out, the water is not too much, even back and forth can wipe.

2. Rinse the toothpaste

Data cable is yellow and dirty, with professional cleaning agent is the most appropriate scrub, but professional cleaning agent is not always available in daily life. Small make up recommend everyone a common and easy to use tool -- toothpaste, because the proportion of toothpaste ingredients is the largest friction agent, such as calcium carbonate, dolomite, the use of toothpaste contains friction particles, can easily remove some difficult to remove the dirt.

Step 3 rinse with makeup remover

The beautiful eyebrow that loves the United States is in the home affirmation not little discharge makeup water, it also is the phone data cable that is rare cleanses artifact. Can choose a bit thicker discharge makeup cotton, dip in on discharge makeup water, hold the one end of the line, from top to bottom pull a few times will be clean such as new, even if be the part that is dyed by jeans also can be done easily!

Daily maintenance of data cable

Step 1 avoid heat sources

Most of the mobile phone data cables on the market are made of TPE material. When the colloidal skin is close to the heat source, it will cause thermal expansion and cold contraction, and it is easy to break if there are more times. Such as hot computer host, mobile power, heater and other heat sources, we should try to avoid the phone data cable close to.

2. Pull and insert gently

When using the data cable of the mobile phone, try to hold the connector and gently plug and unplug it. Try not to play with the phone when charging, so as to extend the service life of the data cable.

3. Add a protective sleeve at the end of the net

After a long time of using the mobile phone data cable, there will often be creases or broken skin at the end of the network. It is suggested that we can add a protective sleeve to the data cable to reinforce the end of the network. At the same time, we can also avoid the hidden trouble of charging such as short circuit and electricity leakage caused by the broken wire body.

Ways to prevent broken data cables

1. For the USB cable that is easy to break, such as micro-usb cable, we can use the hose to cover it. There is an extra layer of protection on the outside of the line, and the broken hose can be replaced to extend the cable's service life.

2. Tie the threads together

If there are a lot of data cables and charging cables in your home, you can tie them together, provided, of course, that the chargers for these devices are all in one place.

3. Use some creative accessories

For some thin cables, such as Apple Lightning data cable and Apple Watch charging cable, we can use some creative accessories. For example, the following user USES lego toys to put the data cable on the toy's hand, which is not only beautiful, but also can avoid damage caused by distortion.

4. Ball pen spring

This is the most common method, many iPhone users will use this method to protect the data cable of the device, as long as the pen core of the ball pen is taken out and placed in the connection of the data cable, in this way, to some extent, the connection can avoid damage caused by pulling.

5. Heat shrinkable tube

Like the ball-point pen spring, heat shrinkable tube can also avoid apple because often pulling cable joint and cause damage, in addition, if the cable joint position has a bulge phenomenon, heat shrinkable tube cracking due to bulge and also can avoid the wires, method is simple, is to use heat shrinkable tube set in the position of the joint, and then heated, the heat shrinkable tube will automatically contraction, then wrapped in a fragile joint position.