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Why can't the phone data cable be charged?


The phone data cable is something we use frequently in our daily life. When the phone is out of power, we still need the phone data cable to charge it. But if the phone data cable fails to charge, what will be the reason? Richupon Data Cable manufacturer will answer the specific reasons for the failure of phone data cable charging.

phone data cable 

The reason why the phone data cable cannot be charged


First, the charger or the phone's charging cable is broken: just take it apart and replace it with a charger or phone's charging cable.


Richupon Data Cable manufacturer cautions: Please choose the original one as far as possible for dismantling and replacing, so as not to cause adverse effects on the mobile phone. If you think the original is not good, you can buy a cost-effective charger, but pay attention to the charger's main parameters must be the same as your original. If too much current will cause damage to the mobile phone motherboard.


Second, the problem of mobile phone interface: this is caused by poor charging interface on mobile phone, such as loose. Please go to a professional mobile phone repair shop for maintenance, do not have to disassemble.


Third, battery reason: if clear is battery reason, change a battery so, battery does not buy casually, had better original outfit or the battery of high quality.


Fourth, the problem of system software ROM: for the problem of system software ROM, please ensure that there is a certain amount of work experience, or mobile phone system level of professional knowledge. You can choose to click the brush again to try it or use the following method to eliminate the battery information content of the system software.


What is the reason why the phone data cable can't be charged? How to deal with it? Find out why you can't charge your phone, and then find a solution based on the actual problem.


What is phone data cable revolution parent


USB data cable is also called USB extension cable. It refers to male to female. The data cable is the male port that connects the USB cable with the female port. After it is widened, the other end is still a male port, which can be plugged into the computer and other machines and devices with USB female port. Is in order to facilitate the practical operation of everyone, and increased the USB interface, sometimes also in order to protect me is a computer machine equipment, inevitably unplug too much resulting in server socket damage. For example, between OTG line and computer; Between the hard disk case and the computer; Two tablets with USB master ports; If it is a dedicated corporate copy it can be used for computer copy, such as this, these. There is also a public to public, generally applicable to the two head are female machine equipment.


The structural difference between the data cable and the phone charging cable


The first is the wire core, which is made of a variety of fine copper wires.


Red line: positive level of switching power supply (marked on wiring: +5V or VCC)


White line: Negative working voltage phone data cable (identified as data information or USB port number)


Green line: Positive working voltage phone data cable (marked as Data or USB port number)


Black bar: Grounding device (marked as grounding device or GND).


If you want to see the condition of the core carefully, you must remove the inside of the phone data cable to see


So what's different about the phone data cable MAY trackpad?


From left to right, you can see that there will be four contact lines. The functions of the transmission line connected according to this contact point are as follows:


1. Ground wire, namely black bar, is generally called zero line;


2. Load the phone data cable and connect it to the green line, that is, the data signal group outgoing line, then it can be understood as the data signal output;


3. Write phone data cables, connect a line, type data signals, and know how to type data signals;


4, the switch power positive stage, connected to the red bar, can also be said to be +5V line.


Phone data cable can not transfer the file reason


For phones with non-smart systems, when connected to the USB data cable, the connection needs to be manually set to transmit data.


But the smart system mobile phone appears these several problems, can solve by itself.


1, the computer system does not have the corresponding driver or the lack of necessary components, need to check and install.


2. Abnormal phone data cable causes the computer to only recognize charging.


3. The USB port on the mobile phone is falsely welded or loose, making the contact bad or damaged.


Key points to choose a phone data cable


1. Select the powerful phone data cable factory first


The vast majority of cases, the quality excellent products usually manufacture manufacturer of its strength also won't weak, and in the power of manufacturing, services, etc also have very good mainly, which is why currently on the market to have actual strength of manufacturer, the production of USB cable would be more affected by the key account customer favor. In addition, the powerful phone data cable factory will be extremely strict in the production, manufacturing and inspection of various mobile phone phone data cables for their quality.


2. Select the appropriate USB data cable


You have to accept the application for the phone data cable, and you have to pay attention to the matching degree, so that it can really fully play the function of charging the phone battery or transmitting data. You can choose a more suitable phone data cable according to the model of your mobile phone. Naturally, it will be better if you can choose a genuine phone data cable from a well-known brand on your mobile phone.


3. Take into account the after-sales service of the phone data cable


Although the mobile phone phone data cable is only a small digital accessories, but its role in the mobile phone is not negligible, so the purchase of it should be based on the investigation of the after-sales content to ensure the credibility of the phone data cable. Generally speaking, shops with good after-sales service will actively introduce the after-sales service content of mobile phone phone data cable in detail when customers purchase relevant products. Moreover, they will pay great attention to the goods return service project. At this time, customers can distinguish whether their after-sales benefits can be ensured according to such content.