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Xiang yuan yu in high-end cable, cable manufacturers do not compete on price

by:Richupon      2020-10-27

now the domestic market, competition is increasingly fierce, many industry into a price war, they said our cable industry, a 1 meter long cable, some factory wholesale price can only sell a few wool money, I believe you first focus on the price. For the distribution of wholesalers, price directly affects their profit margins, attaches great importance to the price is very normal. Cable manufacturers do data cable are the high side, in order to let consumers to use for a long time guaranteed, no worries, we don't compete on price, only do have quality of the data line.

all kinds of brand of cable on the market, some of the cable price is very low, but the quality is really fragile, 'a penny a points goods' surely everyone knows this truth, but said much, distribution of wholesalers has become an excuse for high price, but data cable is like a piece of clothing, 10 yuan of clothes several times to wash a few times can't wear, data cable, too, particularly cheap price imagine what kind of quality, to consumers not only bring a trouble, also increase the cost to the distribution of wholesalers, such as after-sales, freight and so on. Waste a lot of time, and get the customer satisfaction. Cable and we do take the quality as the enterprise spirit, completes the product only, do not compete on price.

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