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Type C is applied to the mobile phone market

by:Richupon      2020-07-09
Since the year before with Type - apple's New Macbook C interface, a growing number of mobile phone manufacturer started to follow, from high to low permeability, step by step is Type - C in the smart phone development route. At present, the mainstream of the new flagship model on the market, has started to use the USB Type - in an all-round way C interface. It is understood that Letv super cell phones on the market at present, millet, Moto Z/M, LG G5, gionee M5 Plus, ZUK Z1, P9 huawei, zte AXON cat was MAX series, a mobile phone 2, gionee S8, meizu Pro 6 s / 5 adopt Type - C interface. More rumors next year 8 will be the Type - apple C interface. Apple is the Type - 8 C interface aside, but in the context of the market of mobile phone, Type - C already will become the mainstream. Type C interface in November, China mobile phone TOP 20 best-selling ratio has reached 25%. The Type - C interface of the five best-selling phone, besides Letv jue 2 mark, price is in 2000 yuan of above. Based on the above data, sells more than 2000 yuan in the first half of 2017 mobile phone will be fully configured Type - C interface, sells more than 1000 yuan to the second half of 2017 mobile phone will be fully configured Type - C interface. So why the Type - C interface are influenced by the popular handset vendors, we analyse. Due to the Type - C interface can support data, audio, video and charging at the same time, also can be compatible with the Display Port, HDMI, MHL and other mainstream hd video interface standard. Compatible with Thunderbolt3 Type - C was able to provide as much as 40 GBPS rate, making it possible to double 4 k hd transmission. Therefore, the Type - C undoubtedly become the future video interface is the best choice. Hd display, flat screen TV, VR/AR device will bid farewell to many interface, with the help of a Type - C to achieve reunification of the audio and video and power supply. On the phone, can go to replace 3. 5 'headphone jack. In addition, the Type C interface but also can bring positive and negative convenience, and the Type - C interface connector of the definition of the chase flow for 5 a, and we reserve the right to pass 10 a flow definition, satisfies the requirement of quick charge, this is also a terminal manufacturer to have them on. At the same time, set the function of charging, data and audio and video interface Type - C is very powerful, the establishment of the ecosystem will form a interface to play all over the world. In view of this, from the industrial chain from top to bottom, USB association, standards and interface chip, foundries and consumptive terminal industry giants are spare no effort to promote the USB - The popularity of C. It is understood that the domestic mainstream mobile phone supporting supplier foxconn, byd, dafu production Type - companies like science and technology in the layout C interface related products, and has been shipped. Wei feng electronics, TI, NXP, Cypress, Analogix chip manufacturers have released a set number of high-speed data transmission, charging and video interface chip. Apple OS, Google Android and Microsoft WP platform are native support Type - the latest version C。
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