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Type C cable have what advantage?

by:Richupon      2020-07-01
When you are in trouble for charging mobile phone can't find the direction of the interface, a new Type C cable to solve the many years since a not solve the problem, so many mobile phone brand manufacturers have launched with Type C interface of mobile phones, such as millet, LG 5 G5, huawei P9, Letv mobile phones are launched such a cell phone for positive and negative answers era, positive and negative can be inserted, don't have to worry about inside out, whether that is enough to make us accept the Type C interface and Type C cable? There are several other advantages to unconditional acceptance for us! Type C cable to the other two big advantage: in addition to the positive and negative can be inserted, USB Type - actually The advantage of C is also very much, it is now common micro USB interface for the next generation of products, in terms of appearance, transmission speed has great upgrade. Specifically: 1, the Type - C maximum transmission rate can be up to 10 gb per second, than the previous generation micro USB has a great improvement in terms of transmission speed; 2,类型, C standard specifications cables can be by 3 a current, can achieve the effect of quick charge, quick charge or will become the future mobile phone standard.
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