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Trill web celebrity hot style listed on the stock market data line

by:Richupon      2020-11-19

the root, is the trill glow can see the current flow of overbreak on cable - — Intelligent data cable, change traditional image data cable, charging is very cool. 。 。

can see the direction of current flow

smart time cable

use electric refrigerating principle of the light source ( No fever, extremely low power consumption) , when the device to charge, will glow and constant flow like water. 。 。 Commonly known as entertaining diversions

besides can see current, charging to equipment, also can understand at any time by the speed of the charging status. 。 。

when the equipment is in low battery, charging quantity is big, the speed of the current fast;

when the equipment is gradually began to slow down the speed of the current flow;

when a device, luminous effect of entertaining diversions will stop.

there are 4 kinds of plug selection ( Apple, android, & amp; Android epoxy resin, the Type - c) , can perfect match all mainstream intelligent device interface, use rise more convenient and practical. 。 。

use PVC material with 4000 + bending test line, and it has strong flexibility, tensile, prevent the features, such as winding, greatly increasing its service life. 。 。

even if do pull-ups also have no problem with it. 。 。

in addition, the plug contains smart chip, can be perfectly compatible with all quick charge equipment, perfect protection equipment to charge more secure. 。 。

more cool is that there are four emitting light colors to choose from, is respectively: blue, green, purple and red, each color is hot, cool. 。 。

have to say, the theory of the cool way to recharge, I only take it. 。 。

dark environment at the same time for multiple devices

really cool enough

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