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TPE noodles data parsing

by:Richupon      2020-12-02
TPE cable advantages resolution: 1. Super soft hardness and similar to the human body skin contact effect of soft tactility. TPE modified soft rubber material, can adjust the hardness to close to the body skin softness. 2. Strong tensile strength and elongation at break. TPE thermoplastic rubber modified materials, rubber high tensile and tensile elongation, good extensibility and finished products in use process is not easy to burst fracture phenomenon.

3。 Non-toxic tasteless green features. TPE rubber soft environmental tasteless, has no side effect to human body skin.

TPE cable characteristic analytic:

1, the plug, good plug are generally made of integration technology, do manual work is delicate, exquisite and durable, insulation layer is soft, cooperate closely with the wiring harness, the metal plug clean and shiny. 2, see the soft-core, good cable, basic it is to use pure copper wire core, outsourcing with aluminum foil and metal weaving nets, resistance to electromagnetic interference shielding, and the more the number of copper wire, the faster recharge.

3, wire rod, TPE material is softer than PVC material, the durability is better. And TPE material with high elasticity, high strength, and has the characteristics such as plastic injection molding processing, TPE cable made of durable material.

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