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TPE frosted cable common sense

by:Richupon      2020-12-02

how to make your TPE cable to make the iphone the frosted effect?

after a long time of research and development and application of r&d staff finally developed a TPE cable can produce grain grind arenaceous feel plastic additives) Grind arenaceous agent. From the original into has the feel is smooth, smooth and shining cable dumb fog creates real frosted lines below.

since the advent of apple iphone 5, with leading technology, unique frosted cable also is popular all over the world, then let the other brands of mobile phone manufacturers. At the same time, some of the data line domestic manufacturers are beginning to development and production of grinding material, high copy apple frosted cable material, but because of some technical barriers, lead to the effect of the finished product with apple original grinding line vary widely.

here's why: the color of the apple frosted lines are divided into two kinds, white and grey. In colors on the domestic manufacturers of production technology has been mastered. 200 times in the electron microscope, we can clearly see the apple frosted lines all over the surface of a layer of frosted glass particles, distribution is very uniform. Use line from a pulled up, can feel the sense of frosted very exquisite and smooth. And the surface of the apple line of a few copy, also in a magnification of 200 times, we find that pieces like covered potholes, touched with the hand is acerbity acerbity unaccustomed to a rough feel. Apple frosted lines of fog dumb degrees as high as 90%, to the naked eye looks very dumb, eyes are very comfortable, wire up more real, more clear, so as to improve the grade of the product itself. And ordinary cable due to surface level off, smooth, even if haze dumb degree is high, still has some reflective surfaces to the person's vision is smooth, low.

how to make smooth the data line of frosted data cable? In the synthesis of TPE/TPU existing materials only, only add some spread powder add 2 - 3% of XuanCheng TPE special grinding agent, through stirring mixing, a screw extruder, cooling, cutting grain, and made of frosted material. Used to draw line, can produce frosted lines. Apply to TPE, grind arenaceous cable copy apple data cable, high copy apple frosted lines, etc. To fill the gaps in the domestic market, for the majority of TPE cable manufacturer has brought new business opportunities!

TPE material cable advantages:

use TPE material data processing performance, convenient deployment of a variety of beautiful colors, and convenient processing, can achieve frosted or fine effect, let feel is smooth not sticky. Smell materials safe non-toxic, no smell, not cause any stimulus to human skin. Not only such, TPE material data cable stable performance and flame retardant has reached the level where V0, no phosphorus ozone resistance, safe environmental protection and reliable performance.

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