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To speed up the USB Type -C unity and popularity

by:Richupon      2020-06-20

We live in this era of fast rhythm, eat, work, and so on are all want to quickly finish my car, the most quickly, even for charging the mobile phone or people, such as very impatient, so major cable manufacturers were caught quick charge that, on the cable, with USB Type - C interface, just also accord with the demand of quick charge, fast transmission of modern, so quick charge, will certainly to speed up the USB Type - C unified and popularity! USB Power Delivery is the USB developer alliance in the smart phone USB 'after the Charge standard of the latest standard of Power transmission, now has developed into a USB PD 3. 0 standard, has the following characteristics: 1. Charging power increases, on the existing USB standard, improve the power transmission capacity to 100 w. 2. Is flexible in charging direction, power transmission direction is not fixed, charging, the electric equipment can be specified. 3. Optimize the power transmission between multiple peripherals. 4. Intelligent charging management. 5. Allow low power charging. USB C symbiosis with USB PD agreement, is expected to be unified fast charging standard. USB PD can be compatible with 12 v / 5 v / 20 different charging voltage and 1 v. 5 a / 2 a / 3 a / 5 a different charging current, maximum charging support up to 100 w power. At the same time, the USB PD can integrate the power cord and signal lines to the same cable. In addition to mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices, but also to the previously unavailable through USB charging equipment such as notebook fast charging. USB PD set up 10 w, 18 w and 36 w, 60 w, 100 w five charging specifications, charging power, not only can realize two-way charging more. After more than two years of development, the USB Type - The market price of the C and the surrounding support has improved a lot, in popularity advancement speeding up unceasingly, has become the mainstream market is only a matter of time. As for the USB Type - in the future C can replace data, video and power interface, became the only transmission interface connection many intelligent equipment interface and unify river's lake, remains to be seen.
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