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Third party data line should be how to choose?

by:Richupon      2020-11-13

for third-party data line selection is very important, so the third party data line should be how to choose? For this problem bring you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

high quality zinc alloy material is generally selected cable socket, the metal plugs in the light. Zhuo even cable also choose in contact plating process, make contact more fully, accelerate the charging and data transmission speed. Interface, and the defect cable to use more iron impurities as raw material, interface coarsely, without burnish, easy to rust.

zhuo connect wires in the same joint excellence, joint chooses integration limit process, work precision, stable after use, insulation layer is soft, close cooperation with wiring harness. And the general fake bitch has significant difference.

phone cable is most often choose outsourcing material TPE and PVC these two kinds of soft rubber. PVC is a regular plastic, the price is cheap. Small brands and low-end products generally choose low-end defective PVC, significant of blunt nose smell, defective PVC phthalate plasticizer and containing toxic heavy metal content of excessive heat stabilizer, on human health and environmental safety serious danger.

TPE is a kind of high elasticity, high strength, high plasticity of new materials, apple original data cable has this kind of raw materials. TPE raw m dolphin cable, feel is smooth, skin will not cause any effect to human body, odorless, harmless to human body health.

after the following three methods can be the difference of the material: the cable surface color. General PVC cable surface is light, and TPE cable surface is inferior smooth effect; Smells odour of a line. General odorous is PVC cable; Touch the cable. Texture is soft and resilient TPE, simple sense is blunt is PVC.

high quality cable generally choose the coarser oxygen-free copper wire core, zhuo even cable through choose anaerobic copper, tin plating has better oxidation resistance, in addition, zhuo even internal cable with an aluminum foil and metal mesh grid block, useful against electromagnetic interference. In addition to all outside wiring harness have filaments, make the data line is not easy to break.

cable wire core quality resolution directly charging losses, poor data cable loss is very big, the charging efficiency is low. Because the data cable can't pass by the naked eye directly see the inner core, when the choose and buy, should choose line diameter thick, heavy quality, as far as possible some cable wire is relatively soft.

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