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The role of twisted pair in video transmission equipment

by:Richupon      2020-08-09
With digital, based on the sustainable development of the network, highlights the advantages of the twisted-pair cable. According to statistics, the use of data cable has been a long time, telephone transmission is to use twisted pair, in many industrial control systems and interfere with larger place, and long distance transmission using twisted pair, now widely used in the local area network (LAN) is using twisted-pair cable. Using twisted-pair was so extensive, mainly because it has a strong anti-jamming capability, long transmission distance, easy wiring, low cost, and many other advantages. Due to twisted pair has a great attenuation of signal, so the transmission distance, the signal frequency can't is too high, and high speed signal such as Ethernet can only limit below 110 m. For video signal, up to 6 MHZ bandwidth, if directly in twisted-pair transmission attenuation is very big, will therefore in twisted-pair realize long distance transmission, video signal must be amplified and compensation, twisted pair video transmission equipment is to complete this function. Add a pair of twisted pair video transceiver equipment, image can be transmitted to 1 to 2 kilometers. Data and twisted pair video transmission equipment price is very cheap, not only increase the system cost, instead of in distance increases its cost down many compared with coaxial cable.
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