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The role of the circular on the USB cable

by:Richupon      2020-06-27
You may have some usb cable will have a common 'bumps' a small piece of metal ring,. But non-professionals don't know what it's called has what effect? The 'knot' is actually the circular, commonly used on peripheral wire of copper consists of ferrite materials. This is definitely not a simple counter weight or adornment, its function and slowly to listen to. 1, resistant to high frequency interference, can be either device itself out, also can be the outside world, and the high frequency signal energy is absorbed by ferrite core converted to heat. 2, absorb magnetic ring, also known as ferrite beads, when used in the separation of removable magnetic ring, it is commonly used in electronic circuit anti-interference components, for the high frequency noise have very good inhibitory effect. Wrote the last mention the data cable must have a magnetic ring, is not with copper cable, it is not good cable? Actually also is not the case. For 1 - 2 m USB cable, using the circular is more in order to prevent external high frequency signal interference, and can also be achieved through the use of shield block the effect of high frequency signal interference, so choose the USB cable when pure through the presence of magnetic ring for judgment too generalisations, is not very reasonable, well designed can meet the daily use of the USB cable.
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