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The role and function of computer cables on the copper

by:Richupon      2020-05-18
We usually used on the host computer and the display screen on the cable connection will have a magnetic ring, it is equivalent to a small inductance, can prevent induction signals generated by high frequency electromagnetic radiation on the cable. The circular on the cable is simply to anti-jamming. 1. To prevent the plug line current shock of; 2. To prevent electromagnetic interference of the space, make the transmission more stable. Computer case motherboard, CPU, power supply, and within the IDE cable are working in the high frequency condition, in case there is a lot of space due to stray electromagnetic interference signal, and the intensity of the signal is outside the case several times to dozens times! No circular and USB cable in this space without shielding measures, the USB cable will become very good antenna, receiving all kinds of clutter in the surrounding environment of high frequency signals, and the signal superimposed on the original transmission signal, even change the original transmission of useful signal, it's easy to have a problem. In order to improve the transmission rate and stability, and to reduce the transmission lines when transmitting data to other devices, such as the interference of sound card, electrostatic shielding layer is designed. The shielding layer is made up of a thin metal foil or more strands of fine woven wire mesh, application of the surface of the electrostatic field effect. Is the data transmission line on the appearance of bread a layer of metal film, and the shielding layer and chassis grounding, can well the data line and space interference signal isolation! Absorption of the circular, also called ferrite beads, when used in the separation of removable magnetic ring, it is commonly used in electronic circuit anti-interference components, have very good inhibitory effect to high frequency noise, the use of ferrite materials (general Mn- 锌) Is made. Copper under different frequencies have different impedance characteristics, generally in the low frequency impedance is very small, when the signal frequency impedance rise sharply increases the circular performance. Through the normal useful signal is very good, and can restrain the high frequency interference signal through very good, and low cost. With circular and premium cable will play a better product performance, and poor quality USB cable instead reduces the product performance. Still have a kind of absorption of the circular, also called ferrite beads, when used in the separation of removable magnetic ring, it is commonly used in electronic circuit anti-interference components, for the high frequency noise have very good inhibitory effect. So everyone in the monitor signal lines, cable, and even high-end look at the shape of the plastic bumps on the keyboard, mouse, one-piece copper come as a surprise.
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