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The reason of cable using TPE material

by:Richupon      2020-11-14

for most cable using the material of TPE material is qualitative, so you choose what is the reason for TPE material? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

the feel is smooth, TPE material made of the cable is not sticky, can let the surface looks frosted and exquisite work.

2, TPE material processing performance is superior, do not need special processing equipment, has the deployment of all sorts of color, on the market the most common is white or light grey.

three, good hardness, to ensure that it can adapt to different processing conditions, TPE can use the environment there is a requirement of this material, mainly on its temperature have certain requirements.

4, superior environmental performance, to ensure that no poisonous gas release, won't cause harm to the operator body.

five, TPE cable, stable performance, halogen free flame retardant where V0, no phosphorus, resistant to ozone, plays a big role on ehs performance.

6, through the deployment of formula, can enhance the aging resistance wire, prolong service life.

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