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The process of USB cable manufacturer explanation headphone cables

by:Richupon      2021-03-12

now in the market there are three kinds of main cable interface: 20 interface ( Apple products dedicated) 类型, C interface ( Commonly known as Letv head, used by Letv phone bulk, currently on the market of high-end flagship android phones in use) , Micro interface ( Commonly known as android head, the market entities large amount of mobile phone interface) , all three of these interfaces is the mainstream on the market of mobile phone, the following steps is how they are manufactured.

1。 The cutting line ( Normally we this USB cable manufacturers are using automatic wire cutting machine and cutting lines, very few manual cutting line, automatic wire cutting machine with decortication)

2。 Skinning ( We are using automatic peeling machine and semi-automatic peeling machine, peeling endothelial)

3。 USB plug welding ( Points automatic soldering machine welding and manual welding to two)

4。 Whether the semi-finished product inspection, welding head fake welding wire appearance inspection, etc.

5. Shape USB, If you have points inside and outside the mold have to separate molding, both inside and outside, general as long as a forming mold or plastic shell assembly

6. Test - Check the appearance - Binding wire - The packing.

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