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The price of your mobile phone cable most must be good?

by:Richupon      2020-05-22
When we buy a cell phone cable.com/data-cable' target='_blank'>data cables, have seen prices are varied, ranging from a few dollars to more than one hundred have, don't understand, people often do not know how to start, to their intuition is price to determine the headphone cables is good or bad, tend to think the price is expensive is good. Isn't it? Here, we hit a cable manufacturer very frankly tell you: not necessarily, prices are often can't distinguish between a mobile phone cable is good or bad, which exactly how to measure the good and bad, the following together with small make up to know! A, basically see the USB phone cable head: USB head material; There is a rubber core, copper, iron shell; ( 1) Look iron shell material nickel plating, the plating is good, will not rust, no corrosive and destructive gases. ( 2) Injection use PVC environmental protection rubber 60 p appearance, luster is bright surface, no shrinkage, blister and deformation etc. Bad phenomenon. Second, pay attention to see mobile phone cable wire specification quality: appearance model with lettering USB, 4 core round wire, sheath material: PVC45P, material shape: circular, the tensile strength: P, wire and maximum overall diameter: 3. 5 ( mm) , minimum 2. 0 ( mm) , the thickness of insulation: 0. 2 ( mm) , product certification, ISO9001. Softness, feel is good. Color: black some conclusions: 4 core, 2 core, bare copper, more than twisted categories: aluminum foil shield, or a chalk line round wire. Above is our elegant and cable cable factory 13 years production experience, don't be deceived again oh, measure a headphone cables good or bad not see prices, the main also depends on the quality!
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