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The original headphone cables and charging line completely different!

by:Richupon      2021-03-10

new bought root headphone cables, but found that used to charge no problem, but want to connect a computer to transmit data, how to operate, and how to set up is not even in, really collapse, what is the problem?

a possibility because you got a 'fake' cable

that is to say, what you buy is charging line, not data line

what? Mobile phone charging cable also points line and data line?

don't understand friend to continue to look down:

what is the difference between the charging line and data cable?

charging line: just as its name implies is only used to recharge the phone.

data line: in addition to charging, also can phone connected computer data transmission; That is to say, the data cable can use when charging line, but the charging line can not used as a data line.

the most simple and direct method, is to get the line, after connected directly to mobile phones and computers, see if it can transmit data. As soon as I can't take back, after all, open to see exactly how wire line core directly, and even if down also not necessarily can understand isn't it?

of course, can be the connection is successful, in addition to the associated with line, also associated with equipment, so if you can't directly transfer after connected to the computer, you can first to check what causes, whether to buy the wrong conclusions again.

the cause of the cable cannot transmit data detection:

1. If using a desktop, may be the front USB port power supply shortage, try using the rear USB port;

2。 Maybe your computer is not the driver, also is not support! It's need to change a computer to try;

3。 Or this wire, change a mobile phone/change continue to try to see if a computer can connect to transmit data;

4。 After connected to the computer, see Settings if you have any questions.

now you know when using cable, why some line can charge can't transfer data, so later when selecting a data line don't silly again bought at random.

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