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The mobile phone data line maintenance of common sense, absolutely with you

by:Richupon      2020-11-11
In small make up heart ah, what are the original good, with there are full of a sense of security, and not to spend extra money.

this stuff, but the phone cable belong to the use of high frequency, not good maintenance, it is really easy bad.

small make up a friend around, unexpectedly changed four wires in a year, at the end of the day, or some of the bad habit of using cable to spend a lot of grandpa MAO ~ made in vain.

today, lovely small make up specially compiled a data line maintenance of common sense! Let you stop, don't do cable killer again ~

don't always with platooninsert greasy

although cable and plug are a good partner, but with 24 hours together, that is absolutely not drop ~ just like if you and your female ticket moment be bored with together, don't have any free time, also will be a problem!

data on-line even without connect mobile phone, the control circuit is also in work, still there will be an electric current passes through, long-term don't pull out there will be a fire hazard.

although the damage probability is small, but still have to be careful ah, especially families with children, will be more aware of! If you are lazy, don't want to give my phone every day, again want to unplug the charger, so there is a lazy method to be lazy, ha ha ~ to work in the morning, when the socket where the power switch to turn off! Charging head and cable don't? We could meet at ordinary times, optional collocation line original battery can't find my head, just looking for a charging head collocation is used! Attention, attention, can't do this!

charging head support current is different, different charging head, the smaller the output current, charging the slower speed.

so, charging and data cables must not disorderly collocation oh, would rather not use not appropriate. To verify again: what is the original good ~ cable don't like hot, wet and dust tsundere toward data on-line, is neither like hot, more don't like damp and dust. So small make up remind, don't let the data cable close to the intense heat, because temperature is too high will make it heat bilges cold shrink. Also do not put in the damp or dust, water and dust is easy to make metal oxidation port, in these circumstances, cable short circuit, very likely not work properly. Is another very common problem, cable is used long are particularly dirty, especially the white cable appear pretty ~ all the small make up here to recruit, you can use a wipe nail polish remover is white ~

don't violence plug cable

treatment, day and night with our cable absolutely must be gentle like the girlfriend have patience. The data line is made of plastic and aluminum foil shield, can't be pulling on! Pull the pull can be broken, or line desquamate ~ so on adapter, computer, mobile phone dial the cable don't pull too hard! Thread to hold data, prevent damage of the wire and outlet with fracture. In general is to tender treat it ~ and if used while filling when charging, irregular to

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