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The length of the USB cable charge will affect?

by:Richupon      2020-12-01

as smartphones become more popular, the old machine has been basically no one USES, because smartphone screen large power consumption is big with a lot of people are mobile phones. That nature is a big problem, also more and more mobile phone support quick charge now. Why some of the data line filling on the market for half a day's haven't be full? To choose what kind of good headphone cables? The longer the cable charging the slower? The fact is it true? To see the data cable, senior engineering measured!

first of all, in theory, the longer the cable, the greater the resistance so charging speed will be slower.

first of all, with 1 meter, 1 original cable. 68 meters red cable, two meters with zinc alloy wires on the lug plate for three iPhone charging.

test results are as follows:

1 meter, the original cable 2 hours filled with 5 minutes. 1. 68 meters, red cable with two hours and twenty minutes. 2 meters of zinc alloy wires, 1 hours, 26 minutes. Therefore, the length of the cable has certain influence to the charging time, but the impact is not big. You must pay attention to the charging power supply is also more complex, in order to test the influence of different charging source for recharging speed, I take charge treasure, laptops, panels for three cell phone charge.

lug plate current is 2 a, mobile power supply is 1 a, computer is 500 mah. One hour charge result: 1 m + computer interface: filling to 1 40%. 68 m + charging treasure: charge to 45% 2 m + lug plate: charge to 52% as a result, the charging current is 1 a or 2 a has influence to the charging speed, but the impact is not big, because in the high-end mobile phone has power management chip, cell phone will automatically limit the input current, to achieve security charge. So not the output current of 2 a, cell phones are to receive the 2 a current. Conclusion in general, the longer the headphone cables charging speed will be a little slow, but little impact; Mobile phone charging speed and output current, the faster the current charging A higher number.

it is recommended that you choose and buy when the data cable to choose one of the shortest in meet the requirements, as far as possible don't choose long, but long is good charging is convenient, choose according to their usage, after all, everyone's different needs. But the power plug must choose large current charging to make your phone charge will be faster won't affect your use.

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