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The key to good cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-11

cable in the process of choosing how to choose the right data on-line? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

1, touch

here refers to the hard and soft touch wires, generally speaking, a little soft cable quality is good, bad data tend to be more hard.

soft cable, in addition to good quality, also easy to receive, at ordinary times unused moment, wrapped it in receive a case is very convenient.

2, see

1) See the

as daily shopping when we look to the production date, origin of goods, if cable exquisite packaging, not humble, information is complete, the product inspection qualified, are worth buying.

2) See outside was

outside is the outermost layer is the wires, but also the site of the most intuitive. Appear on the market now is one of the most outer plastic and nylon woven by outside, it said when I was talking about packaging material in detail. General should choose as far as possible when choosing cable wire diameter thick and not reflective of the cable wire rod surface. As the coarse the wire, the higher tensile strength, can output power is big, the line is not prone to hot, thick line of body for internal copper has a very good protection effect. At this point, I strongly recommend you to buy woven nylon cable. Because of its drawing strength than a lot of strong cable plastic packaging, sturdy and durable, can improve the service life of the cable, and interfaces are generally do have qualitative feeling fine.

3) See the soft-core

good high-quality copper core cable using coarser, pure copper wire core resistance small, can improve the efficiency of the data cable charging, charging high stability, less heat, can carry more than 2 a current. But when the choose and buy, the cable will not intuitive to identify with the naked eye, so we can choose the wire diameter thick, heavy quality, some cable wire is relatively hard. Such as buy on the net, can read carefully goods details before considering whether to buy.

4) See joint

a little better quality data is generally alloy, contact and possibly gold-plated, do manual work is delicate, small, durable, insulation layer is soft, and wiring harness cooperate closely; Inferior cable interface coarsely, without burnish, both have obvious difference, easy to distinguish.

5) See a brand: small to a few dollars, big to dozens of pieces, when selected, select the public known brand will be more secure.

3, try

plug interface to mobile phones, connected to the charger, try the interface with mobile phone, charger is rigid, it is not easy to fall off. Inferior cable, plug into mobile phone interface some hard, some tight, or with very loose, had better not buy this cable, or use a long time, will damage the mobile phone interface.

4, distinguishes the

if with a smart chip in the data cable, that's the best. Equivalent to the heart of the data line, chip with good, quality of cable, the better. Apple original cable with its special chip, the price is expensive, but its strength is very high. So everybody when buy, had better check the cable have to use good chip. Here, I believe that a lot of friends and value have very clear how to distinguish fake fake data line on the market, and then to choose a suitable for their own cable.

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