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The function of little data line

by:Richupon      2020-05-24
Mobile phone use for a long time, without using battery. Why do you say that? Because the battery capacity can meet the daily use our mobile phone, playing mobile Internet, play games are a power hog, continuous play so two or three hours, there is no electricity, no backup battery can be replaced, can only use cable to charge. In fact, I think, charging the mobile phone or a cable is more convenient, because you can continue to recharge my cell phone battery connection, so there will be a steady stream of current supply. In fact, the mobile phone charging cable more than this one function, can be charged with all I know is that the wires, before can transmit data, and then not. A lot of time playing mobile phone crashed, need to flash! Flash, flash is what the devil. Mobile phone is out of order unexpectedly can also flash, and it is already can't boot, save the new use mobile phones system broken. Actually is also very simple, as long as the tool to complete. A computer, mobile phone package a corresponding system, a data cable and a flash software, a broken mobile phone, and then follow the steps in the computer to connect the computer with usb data cable on the operation step by step, at the same time, it was the first time, but succeeded ha ha. Can also use so suddenly found the wires, isn't it amazing! Although the cable, it took me a long time, but the charge is really pretty fast. The best choice of the mobile phone charging cable type - in the future C cable support quick charge, mobile phones, computers and mobile devices are available, popularity will be more and more quickly, the type - C in the future may eliminate a micro USB cable into the mainstream charging line.
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