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The difference between TPE cable and PVC cable

by:Richupon      2020-12-02

now in the market of phyletic and various cable.com/data-cable' target='_blank'>data cable, and wide variety of products can make consumers hand-stitching the eyes, but there are two main raw material is qualitative, TPE ( Thermoplastic elastic) And the PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) 。 Low-end products in the majority with PVC materials, high-grade products in the majority with TPE. Although the two kinds of material of the surface of the cable seems to be the same, but there is a big difference.

PVC cable

PVC material is we often meet in the life of a kind of high polymer chemical material, because of having the features of strong hardness, non-flammable and is widely used in cable is outside. In addition, because the PVC materials is simple, raw material cost is low, so a lot of manufacturers are willing to use PVC material to package data line, in pursuit of greater interest.

but unfortunately, the advantages of PVC material significantly but hidden under the dangers of little-known. Outside was the use of PVC cable material is a kind of synthetic material, a large amount of additive is added in the synthesis process, such as toxic plasticizer, etc. , these substances will be releasing toxic substances, light will create stimulus to human skin, or on the human body in the kidney, liver, etc. Also can produce a lot of damage, in addition, use unqualified, PCV material made of cable under high temperature and ultraviolet irradiation, also can release harmful substances to human body, used for a long time can affect the body healthy, don't know if you have to note that some of the data cable to hand, would have smelled a very obvious pungent smell, the smell is often contain toxic substances, which is why some countries in Europe to ban the use of PVC cable materials.

TPE cable

TPE as a new environmentally friendly polymer materials, is an ideal material to replace PVC, because its security environmental protection non-toxic tasteless characteristics can make up for the inadequacy of PVC material, at the same time with thermoplastic processing performance, easy to control processing way, and can be completely waste, scrap recycling, conforms to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection material, which is why apple, samsung, some enterprises with TPE materials as the raw material of the cable. At home, as people's environmental protection consciousness and health consciousness gradually strengthened, some Chinese cable manufacturers are beginning to choose TPE material as cable outer material, predictably, the future will be more and more enterprises to TPE material.

T p E cable has been mature application in electronic equipment accessories and other products, Wires, cables, audio line) , compared to the traditional PVC material has obvious advantage:

1. TPE materials processing performance, has the deployment of all sorts of color, the common on the market is white or light gray;

2。 TPE cable made of smooth feel not glue the hand, can be frosted or delicate effect of the surface of the cable;

3。 By blending TPE formula, can promote wire aging resistance, resistance to yellowing UV performance, prolong the service life of products;

4。 TPE raw material safe non-toxic, not cause stimulus to human skin, do not contain toxic plasticizer, replace PVC wire of high quality.

welcome the masses of customers to use TPE material headphone cables.

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