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The difference between the headphone cables and charging line

by:Richupon      2020-06-13
Normally, we are in the market to buy back a cable with vendors to determine if you don't need to be able to data transmission line, a lot of illegal businessmen will take some cheap bought you charging line to pretend to be the wires, you will find that the charge is no problem with it, when you are used to connect via mobile phones and computers, no matter how you operate is unable to connect the computer, because it is charging line, can only charge, not data transmission, so is not on the computer. And I work in the cable manufacturer for 7, 8 years, in the cable industry can be smooth, for these still have certain knowledge, for everyone to look at the below phone cable and what is the difference between the charging line? What is action? First meet headphone cables connection mode: the red line: positive ( Connection are identified as: + 5 v or VCC) White lines: negative voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data - Or USB Port ) The green line: positive voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data + +) or USB Port Black: grounding ( Are identified as: GROUND or GND) The connection mode of mobile phone charging line: red line: positive ( Connection are identified as: + 5 v or VCC) Black: grounding ( Are identified as: GROUND or GND) See the above two groups of wiring data analysis, we all know, if you still don't understand, the most simple method of distinguish: charging line across the electrodes have two wire core is ok ( 2 conductor) To add two wires and cable core in order to transmit data ( 4 core) 。 Their functions are: mobile phone charging line can charge can't data transmission; The headphone cables can both can charging and data transmission. Many cable manufacturers in order to save costs, charging line saves in the middle of the two wires, or eliminate the read and write data and data cable ( The green line and white line) There would be no data, speaking, reading and writing, can only be charging. So buy cable from you pay attention to, don't buy the wrong oh.
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