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The difference between original data and the original cable

by:Richupon      2020-10-24
When we buy mobile phones, mobile phone box is equipped with a cable, this cable is for the convenience of all original data line to transmit data charges. Original cable is good, but many times since we accidentally poisoned or lost data line, can only buy a new and different use, the other to buy this one is the original cable, is not original data of the third party cable manufacturers. Cable manufacturer to tell you the difference between original data and the original cable.
don't know you used the stronghold with a cable, general fake data are not original, quality is very poor, the low end of the cable for charging the mobile phone is likely to cause damage of the following:
1. Shorten mobile life;
2。 Damage to the battery;
3。 Mobile phone charging fever, burn out mobile phones;
4。 When charging the leakage;
5。 There was a splash screen charge, damage the screen.
original data and the number of original line data transmission speed is different, because there are 4 wire cable inside and is equivalent to a capacitor. Oneself buy the capacitive reactance and the origin of the data line must be different, at ordinary times is doesn't matter, such as flash from time to tome a lot of transmission, the difference is big, data transmission of the original data cable of don't know how many times it is better to buy than himself!
the inside of the original data cable core, generally for copper wire, conductive performance is better, more stable data transmission, rather than the poor quality of original data cable may be tin line, relative to copper wire is easy to break, conductive performance is poor; The original interface of the data line is accordance with mobile phone, the original is a little deviation, is easy to cause loose interface, or data transmission is not stable. The authenticity of the data line in the outlet is strong and firm, fast transmission and electricity is easy to fill. It is recommended that the user insist on original data line.
original cable will not damage to mobile phone, you can't buy original also can buy a third party not original cable manufacturers, the third party also has a lot of very good quality cable manufacturers, not only of good quality and guaranteed. Instead of the original data is likely to damage the mobile phone that is substantial difference.
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