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The details should be paid attention to when using the USB cable

by:Richupon      2020-06-12
A lot of time, we to the customer's USB cable, from the customer into the customer's warehouse, IQC inspection before them, sometimes you will find that our USB cable itself is no problem, we actually USB cable may be because people often easily damaged as a result of his bad habit of some casual, many employees are not according to the specification of the USB cable, eventually lead to bad product line up. When we know how to treat, pay attention to some details, the product is usually good. One, the USB cable into the Treasury was idle, will naturally put. Don't will cable folding and bending force, so that it looks very beautiful and placeholder is big, but because the wires are made of plastic boxes, aluminum foil shield, folding and bending over a long period of time can cause cable outer plastic layer and the aluminum foil shield damage, reduce the service life of the cable. Second, remember that when we use the USB cable not drag forcibly, can't pull. On the connector from the adapter, computer, mobile phone dial down, please hold joint around small pull back, don't directly pulling cable lines, prevent damage of the wire and the outlet and fracture; Third, pay attention to moisture proof and dustproof, don't put in wet or dusty places. Most of the port is a metal structure of the data cable, and susceptible to oxidation of the water and dust, maintain undeserved can cause water and dust into the cable, led directly to the USB cable short circuit and not work; Fourth, avoid close to the intense heat. USB cable epidermis is gelatinous, if near strong heat source ( Such as mobile power supply is very hot, Will cause heat bilges cold shrink, long time, many times easy cause wire damage and fracture of high temperature stimulation. Personally feel that everything should be kind to it, not only is this USB cable, hope to help everyone.
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