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The classification of the USB interface?

by:Richupon      2020-10-26
Now, with the rising of science and technology, appearance of new electronic products, we all know that the development of the interface evolution, USB1 since 1996. 0 appeared so far, has nearly 20 years of history, but we found that some interface is with the passage of time has disappeared, and one of the USB interface is undoubtedly one of the most enduring interface, but you know the classification of the USB cable? By the below small make up to you.
the classification of the USB data cable there are three broad categories: without IC, IC, special chip.

1, without IC: have no central control chip, must plug in mobile computer to recognize the line, the price is cheap. Typical models: samsung, CDMA series, D500 series; MOTOROLA mot E398 series, the series of the V3; Nokia DKU - 2; NEC N720 series; Siemens 65 series and so on.

2, special chip: the ordinary popular chip, special type of chip such as: DKU - 5、CA- 都柏林城市大学42岁, 11 and so on.

3, with IC: take the central control chip, the common chip of models for 2303, 2101, 3116, without mobile computer will recognize line, because a IC price is 10 yuan, so the price is expensive than that of without IC. Working principle of the cable is the USB to COM with chip, the USB interface is transformed into a serial port on the computer display. Typical models: samsung E638 series, the series of D418; NEC N610 series; Siemens 25 series, 55 series; SONY Ericsson mobile phone data cable; Panasonic headphone cables; Lenovo mobile data cable, and so on.

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