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The choose and buy of mobile phone data line technique

by:Richupon      2020-10-31

in the era of every mobile phone, mobile phone data line utilization rate is extremely high. A good mobile phone data line can make consumers effectively safeguard, the charging time of reduce consumers from spending to replace headphone cables, but what brand mobile phone cable which good? The cable on market so much and how should we choose? Headphone cables below brand list more of the merchants to answer this question for you, told you some tips when choosing headphone cables.

a, see the thickness: according to the technical specification of the cable market requires a high quality mobile phone cable structure is relatively complex, from outside to inside by: insulating sheath ( Decorative materials, such as braided wire skin not count sheath) , wide coverage of tinned copper braid, aluminum foil, internal wire core. As a result, a high quality of mobile phone of the diameter of the cable must be coarser.

2, touch the soft hard: regular mobile phone cable handle and some informal cable handle on the market has the very big difference, this is due to its internal data line is with aluminum foil and braid shielding layer, the cable will feel more hard. And the preparation of shielding layer and the aluminum foil package, its internal thread core is also not easy to bend, so hard lines tend to be more durable. Consumer is when the choose and buy may wish to touch. Of course, this does not include sheath add a layer of metal decorations outside cable. But it is important to note that the small make up of hard feel refers to the cable internal structure in the whole line slants hard, not only index according to the lines of the skin.

3, reinforcement, believes that many consumer friends should also have encountered this situation: in the process of using the plug in the cable (broken inside the phone Which are common on the market today headphone cables can avoid the disadvantages of) 。 Consumers are so small make up recommend friends to choose when buy joint internal reinforcement design of mobile phone data line. But you should be how to judge whether the data cable of the buying their own have the function of the reinforcement? You can use mobile phone backlight light cable plug, to make a judgment about the degree of pervious to light.

this is the mobile phone data line selection techniques. But currently on the market of cable sheath material and feel much different, one of the most common is a high-fiber and nylon, the braided phone cable material is very strong, durable, popular consumer favorite. Besides this kind of material of TPE and PVC is relatively popular, also the material of the former advantage is not easy to aging, and pulling resistance is stronger, compared with the PVC material more soft. The consumers can be selected according to his be fond of friends cell phone cable material.

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