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The cause of the data transmission speed is slow

by:Richupon      2020-05-21
Along with the progress of the society, people has higher requirement on consumption, no matter in eat, use, play is very picky, and a very distinctive features is the 'fast', the shorter the time, the better, basic each adult will have at least one mobile phone, the mobile phone charge and transfer files, people are usually did very in a hurry, very anxious to hurry up, if the file is more than half an hour or an hour, it is very headache, why so slowly? Below the cable plant engineering consultant to analyze why for us: one, the transmission speed of the data line also has a certain relationship with mobile storage devices, when mobile phone memory capacity to reach saturation, transmission rate will be greatly reduced. If want to download the important document, it is a good idea to set the phone memory. So as not to delay your precious time. Second, the data transmission speed of mobile phone data line is has relationship with the length of the cable is, under the condition of the same data, the faster the shorter the length of the data cable to transmit data. Charging speed is faster. Three, is has nothing to do with the thickness of the data line, is only related to the inside of the copper wire. Copper wire transmission of the coarse data faster and faster. If the inside of the wire or copper clad steel, will affect the data transmission function!
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