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The cause of the data line to harden

by:Richupon      2020-11-17

wires used for a period of time will appear to harden, then what is the cause of the cable to harden? How should solve? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

a, is the cause of cable harden oxidation, oil corrosion caused by plastic materials such as aging.

usb cable outer protective layer is mostly rubber products, rubber products itself will change because of temperature difference, but after the change of state is not persistent, generally with the temperature returned to normal, it will return to normal. , different levels of permanent harden to restore, better usb cable for no reason, several of my mobile phone usb cable not only hard, also fold.

2, harden speed to slow down the cable solution

1, try to avoid using, under the environment of high temperature and low temperature can delay aging, to a certain extent;

2. Don't around on her hands, sweat corrosion line, line harden, until disconnection;

3, don't touch the acid, alkali liquid, especially the sweat, including drinks;

5, don't put the usb cable around the machine is too tight;

6, usb cable can be hung on mobile phones, computers, need not when take down;

7, should be put in to avoid direct sunlight when not in use, it is best to dry and ventilated place, conditional line can be vacuum preservation.

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