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The AV line in use process need to avoid some of the problems

by:Richupon      2020-12-02

in order to better use the AV line, AV line in the process of using what the problem is we need to avoid? Small make up take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1) different line can not be used random function, for example, cannot be used with audio line replace coaxial line, etc. ;

(2) the AV line when use as far as possible don't bend, and stay away from the power supply;

(3) the AV line on the premise of enough should be short, excess will only add to the length of the signal loss;

(4) the size of the horn line should be selected according to the size of the sound power and. Is too small, signal transmission delay, speaker is not a good sound; Is too large to signal loss increase, the burden borne power amplifier, speakers also is not a good voice.

(5) the AV line with external connection must be tighten. If poor contact ( Such as collapse, etc. ) , it will cause acoustic noise, serious still can cause components to burn out.

after using a fixed number of year 6. The AV line, metal terminal and wire core is likely oxidation ( The 'ageing') , it will affect sound effects, shall be replaced according to the actual situation.

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