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The authenticity of apple cable method?

by:Richupon      2020-11-12

in the process of buying apple data cable how to identify the authenticity of a cable? This is very important to buy cable, usb cable manufacturers take you know about the below.

1, the most intuitive is to see and touch the two wires, at first glance two lines about the same, in fact, as long as the hand bending a offline will be able to feel the difference, really did similar rubber paint processing line surface, soft, delicate, bending with elastic; False wire touch the obvious crude, and has a sense of particles, not like original wire recovery after bending.

2, printing process, like a lot of fake products, font design printing effect is an important reference of authenticity. Apple cable manufacturer to remind everybody, true line of the pattern of the printing on the USB and 30 pin clear full, forcibly with the hand to wipe it is difficult to erase. The fake online printing color already fainter, and apparently partial thick, weak, wipe gently, can see fade away a bit of color.

3, look at the difference between two line material. Original white places on line USB port has a gap, within a few metal contact tip did fillet processing. The fake online USB port without gap, pieces of metal are all right Angle processing. Wire and port joint case, original wire do very close, almost no gap, loose and false line is obvious. In use, could pull out the USB port, it's safe to say that 'second-hand original line' all dare not flatter really work!

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