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The android cable poor contact solution!

by:Richupon      2020-08-04
At present, according to statistics, the android outlets accounted for about 87% of the mobile phone market. So the use of the android data cable loss amount is huge, although some well-known manufacturers can according to their own cable plug ten thousand times, but the actual test did not achieve what they say, because we are the strength of the plug, the damage to the plug is different. Use for a long time, this article android cable, the problem of poor contact, charging unreasonable result. Today small make up teach you a simple way to solve the problem of poor contact android cable: 1, the Micro android cable head will have two contact shrapnel, adverse circumstances it is concave to the groove. 2, you need a needle ( To slim! Too rough in! Too fine easy broken tip sputtering! ) 3, the needle inserted to the front of the Micro contact head of small tank, initiating contact, for about 1 - 2 minutes metal memory. Before you start another contact. 4, well done, test, perfect as well as the new feeling, not shaken. Test start contacts this way, can stick to about two months, so wait it loose you can repeat the above steps! Then the android data cable can be permanent use.
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