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The advantages of monitoring system USES twisted-pair transmission

by:Richupon      2020-07-13
Now monitoring system USES twisted-pair transmission has a lot of, the main advantage is: easy to wiring, cable utilization rate is high. A pair of ordinary telephone line can be used to transmit video signal. In addition, to build a wide range of five kinds of unshielded twisted pair of, can send video signals, no additional wiring, rewiring, even 5 class line more easily than coaxial cable. In addition, the five four of twisted-pair cable. If you use a pair of wires to transmit video signal, then the other can also be used to transmit audio signals and control signals, power supply, or other. Improve the utilization rate of the cable and avoid caused by separate wiring fault signals, reduce project cost. Transmission distance, high quality. Due to twisted pair transceiver is installed with advanced processing technology, the twisted pair video signal is excellent compensation, the different frequency attenuation and the difference between the different frequency attenuation, real-time to keep the original image brightness and color, the transmission distance of 1 km or more, the image signal has virtually no distortion. If it is relay mode, transmission distance is more far. Strong anti-jamming capability. Twisted-pair cable can effectively restrain common mode interference, even under strong interference environment, twisted pair can also send excellent image signal. In addition, in different signal transmission USES a pair of twisted-pair cable, does not interfere with each other. High reliability, easy to use. Using twisted pair video transmission signal in the front-end access special transmitter, control center special access to the receiver. This kind of twisted pair transmission equipment cheap, easy to use, do not need professional knowledge, not a lot of operation, once installed, long-term stability. Cheap, convenient access. With the widespread use of ordinary 5 class not shielded cable or ordinary telephone lines, easy to buy, and the price is very cheap, bring great convenience for engineering use. Twisted-pair cable, therefore, in design and construction of safety video cable alternative security, no matter how, finally the result of the use or from the economic costs and human construction into consideration, is an irreversible trend.
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