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The advantages and disadvantages of the Type C cable

by:Richupon      2020-07-10
Since December 2013 to launch the Type C interface, many electronics industry began to push with this new interface, including the mobile phone industry, medical industry, factory equipment and other industries are widely used. Just my side has several colleagues to use this kind of Type C interface of mobile phone, charging is Type C cable, special and is novel, the appearance of the cable can be like apple's 8 p cable can be inserted on both sides, can be convenient. Now more and more people are using this cable, and the advantages and disadvantages of it are very few people know, that we now, and analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the Type C cable together. To share the Type - first The C interface cable faults: 1. 类型, C interface biggest drawback: high cost, requirement of 100 w power output decision under wires, so in the form a complete set of product is not enough, also in the promotion period. 2. Security: because of the Type - C cable has a flexible, open and so on characteristics, once suffered hacker attacks, influence range is wide, especially in the face of BadUSB hole, easy to malicious code infection to other electronic products, and the possibility of repair is small. However, since the USB3. 1 interface has become a standard must abide by, this is inevitable all manufacturers, so suggest users don't use the computer of strangers or download the application of knowledge. And then there is the Type - C interface cable advantages: 1. 类型, C interface extensible ability strong, can transmit audio signals, expanded to a variety of audio and video output interface, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI interface, can realize even reached 4 k resolution is the extension of the transmission. 2. Thin: compared with the traditional common USB Type in the life 一种,, B interface is different, the new Type - C interface on the size of the thin body, is only 8. 3 * 2. 5 mm, more suitable for use in the increasingly miniaturization of electronic equipment, can withstand more than 10000 times again and again plug; 3. USB 3。 1 ( 类型, C interface) Version of a feature is the transmission speed, is beyond the version before the theory of bandwidth from 5 GBPS doubled to 10 GBPS. 4. 类型, C cable, another big characteristic is both positive and negative, inserted at random, collaborate to zero, even if the three-year-old child can't wrong. 5. Power supply ability: Type - C interface USES the USB3. 1 standard can provide up to 100 w power output, can through the USB Typc - C interface to realize the bidirectional power supply: can recharge equipment itself already, also can give an external power supply equipment, equipment charging time can also be reduced; But one thing need you understand, for just the USB 2. Standard Type - 0 C cable mobile phones, is to support the real quick charge, one of the most obvious example is one plus two mobile phones, in fact at present we have not met the real support Type - quick charge C a mobile phone.
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