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The advantages and disadvantages of PVC cable and TPE cable

by:Richupon      2020-07-03
Cable, there are many kinds of material, only you can't think of, no cable factory couldn't do the, general regular and TPE cable, the cable, PVC cable is more popular in recent years, a woven nylon cable is especially good-looking appearance, together with the following look at their respective advantages and disadvantages. TPE cable advantages: 1. Processing performance, has excellent color, soft tactility, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance; 2. Non-toxic, no smell, not cause any stimulus to human skin; 3. Can be recycled to reduce costs. TPE cable faults: 1. Not resistant to dirty; 2. No braided wire material strong enough; 3. The improper use prone to skin. PVC cable advantages: 1. Low cost, good insulation, weather resistance; 2. PVC cable price is relatively cheap. PVC cable faults: 1. Quality of a material is harder, poor resilience, easy to cause fracture peeling; 2. Surface finishing a dim rough; 3. Have a clear plastic taste, will release harmful substances. Woven nylon cable advantages: 1. Increase the aesthetic feeling of cable and external tensile ability; 2. No wire drawing, soft, curved tracks, resilience is very good, not easy entanglement or crease; 3. Excellent durability, not easy deformation. Woven nylon cable faults: 1. Hygroscopicity is bigger; 2. Dimensional stability is not enough.
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