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The advantage of the custom cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-22

for cable in the process of custom it's advantage lies in what aspects? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1, is not easy to break, leakage

a lot of users in the use of USB cable, USB cable to be always folded, convenient to use of their own. The practice of folding plastic plating broken, easy to cause the USB peripheral exposed internal wiring, easy to leak current, are unsafe. Using a custom USB cable, USB cable custom manufacturer will use material durable plastic coating, assurance when use not for folding and faulting, the leakage.

2, coating is not easy to aging

the USB cable lateral plastic coating, and at the ends of the joint need plastic materials to package, connected to socket, equipment place appear plastic ageing, fall off easily. Use USB cable customized, the manufacturer will specially in the process of custom USB cable, coating of USB cable and connectors on both ends of the parcel on aging period long plastic coating, the USB cable custom live longer.

3, current transmission speed

most of USB cable for charging, or rely on the current to pass information. USB cable conductor if it is within the ordinary metal, the current transmission speed is slow, unable to support the high requirements of e-sports. Using a custom USB cable, USB cable will custom agency in conductor adopts advanced semiconductor materials, compared with the traditional metal conductor current transmission speed faster.

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