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Tell you cable with charging line of distinction

by:Richupon      2021-03-10

just bought phone charger accidentally lost or damaged, most people will choose the Internet directly to buy one. But, why buy new cable charging is slow, or simply rushed into electricity? You dare say you haven't met? Today, mobile phone cable manufacturer to deep parse the data and charging line of those things.

1: charging line and data cable is some difference between

data line can serve as charging line, charging line but not necessarily when the data cable. ( Of course there is a difference between ~)

a lot of the time we spend cheap money to buy a driving back and found that it can only be charging, unable to transmit data. What is the reason?

first of all, let's, USB connector the role of the male head of the contact:

watch the USB head towards your positive, has a touch on the face, from left to right, the contact plate connection line of the corresponding functions are: ground wire ( Or should I say: zero, black wire) And read the data line, Signal wire, connect the green wire) And writing data cable ( Signal into line, white wire) , + 5 v line ( Positive, connect red wire) 。

generally in order to save costs, charging line saves in the middle of the two wires, which eliminate the read and write data and data cables, have no the ability to read and write data, only charge after ather ~

2: inferior charging line concerns much

query 'cable' on a treasure, would be out to tens of thousands of search, a row in front of the several month sales to 10 w, cheap 0. 25 m of cable can be sold to 1. 9 yuan, incredibly still pack mail!

a lot of friends at home, in the company or has a moment in the bag, saddled a data line, the original cable is more expensive, those cheap cable became a choice, not only design than the original good, there are many small design to use rise very convenient.

looks good, actually these 10 yuan road inferior cable will make your mobile life, sometimes the mobile phone is broken you don't know the cable is the culprit.

inferior cable is the culprit

as a whole are charging cable can be made of inferior material, but because the material inferior leads to the charging process will not be so smooth.

if you use for a long time, because the current instability, will cause the cell phone battery life shorten, appear the phenomenon of false full, is that you will find that 99% to 100% this process will be particularly long time, and if not charging immediately dropped to 99%. This phenomenon is the battery symptoms of ill health.

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