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Teach you to distinguish between the cable slot

by:Richupon      2020-06-17
, floppy disk drive cable cable is different, so how to accurately distinguish the various cable slot? Shenzhen cable manufacturer to tell you, on the hard drive and cd-rom set Lord, vice plate jumper, background plate of hard drive here, cd-rom set to deputy plate, they are connected to the main IDE interface. Hard drive is 40 core cable, there are three joints, they regardless of the order. Two hard drives and optical disc drives joint connections, the third joint received motherboard on the main IDE interface, not received vice on the IDE. On the cable has a color line, generally for the red line, wiring principle is the first needle on color line corresponding interface, motherboard interface and device interfaces. Connected motherboard this head first, and then pick up the drive, then the hard disk. The floppy drive line is 34 core, each root can connect two floppy drive. The two connectors for A period, the two connectors for B section, the time of A connector to C. A and B each have one joint, used to connect to 3 inches floppy disk. C section of the connections on the motherboard floppy disk interface. When to connect two floppy drive, in A and B by one floppy disk. At this point, in A period of the floppy disk in physics as A drive, another for B drive; When only connect A floppy drive, want to take it on A piece. On one end connected to the main board to red edge corresponds to the one horn of the interface, shenzhen cable manufacturer to tell you that now the motherboard to interface with a plastic card slot, the wrong direction can't plugged in. Floppy drive here, too, the red side one horn, press tightly.
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