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Teach you select headphone cables

by:Richupon      2020-07-15
As is known to all, mobile phone data cable as a necessary accessories, is very important for mobile phones. But now on the market, the brand of cable very much, the product is various, let people don't know how to choose. The following cable manufacturer in shenzhen to tell you that how to select headphone cables. First of all, the appearance. Good data lines body surface reflective and line the body length of at least 2500 px, interface on both ends of the shell colour and lustre is uniform, a molding, there is no welding seam. In addition, hand knead cable, wire soft and not stiff. Second, the internal structure. Mobile phone support network, select cable chip is different, and the stand or fall of cable have a certain relationship with chip, must have to fit the phone chips. In addition to the chip with high quality, technological level is also very important. Third, watching with software. Mainly refers to the computer and cable supporting the application software. Especially for color screen mobile phone, only the specified data line can use matching software. In addition, for some of the data line, only the original factory or in accordance with the original factory specifications production of cable can be accepted by the corresponding supporting software. Therefore, adopt the method of cooperate with software testing can also distinguish the unqualified products. This is just a cable manufacturer in shenzhen the easiest way to summarize the choose and buy of the wires, when the choose and buy to flexible use. Because of the mobile phone market competition becomes more intense, mobile phone upgrade rhythm speeding up, some cable manufacturer is not on the computer software or data line. So, not all data line with matching the original software. Then it is for consumers, make sure the software has the function of what and then buy the data line of form a complete set, can reduce the risk of buying, really enjoy the data cable.
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