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Teach you how to choose high quality audio line

by:Richupon      2020-12-03

movie infernal affairs Andy lau and Tony leung chiu-wai, retro sound in a decoration shop. Andy lau audition bravery machine, Tony leung chiu-wai has recommended a Hong Kong bile machine Hong Kong audio line collocation, performance match & other; Thousands of European goods & throughout; , sound & other; The high sweet, intonation, bass pure, in short, in a word, is fully & throughout; 。 Two people sit shoulder to shoulder, the picture in the quiet, the air like a frozen, CAI qin's 'forgotten time' in the picture of yellow lightly. Then Andy lau, choose a wire, and other Listen to the old music, the better & throughout; 。 Song sounded again, & other; Indeed as expected better & throughout; 。 Wire ( Mainly refers to the audio connection) For sound quality, also has effect on the performance of the different materials of wire will have a different feeling. Sound from the front ( As a player, bravery machine) To the constituent parts of each part is quality wire, so the pursuit of enthusiasts can enjoy this not there, it is because the wire collocation can like as a child building blocks. In addition to sound change wire, actually we contact most at ordinary times also can replace wire headset earplugs, at present a lot of brands of high-end headphones earbuds are provides a replaceable wire design. Such as classical moving iron ER4 series, schur SE530, UE TF10 natively with replaceable wire such as design, for the fun of lovers, let quality abound change. Friends beginning ability is strong, also can give their own equipment try to replace wire, perhaps ordinary equipment can change features sound make you surprise. But if you don't understand the wire, the original sound equipment replacement after become evil. What material will be how? This audio knowledge transfer, simply instruction in the different material of the wire. From type a, copper materials, currently used materials making stereo wire with copper, silver and various kinds of alloy, nickel, rhodium, carbon and to the production line can often see material. Make line conductive copper is our most commonly used materials. According to the national standard of copper ( Make copper) for the wire The purity must be greater than 99. When 7%, the rate of resistance is less than 17. 24 n, when the tin plating line and plating line change. Another common definition of purity is & other; N” 。 Just play line of people regularly hear that this is a few N line. N is actually English word & other; 9” The abbreviations. We often hear 4 n line is on behalf of the line material purity is 99. 99%, and 6 n is the purity of 99. 9999%. From the point of view of acoustics wire, usually 4 n line is enough. But here it should be pointed out that, N just line established, there is no specific international standard, also do not have clear industry standards. Therefore some factory producing line 6 n may actually is not as good as some factory 4 n line.

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