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Take you to understand what is the difference between different data line?

by:Richupon      2020-10-26
Headphone cables of species diversity, although the shape of the structure and characteristics of each cable function is not the same, but the basic function of charging and data transmission function is the same. Cable is also have a lot of different, in the shape of structure, the use of materials, functions and USES, etc are distinguishing. Mobile phone cable factory belt you know what is the difference between different data line? Cable has a lot of, the difference between a mobile phone cable factory today will take you to meet different what are the differences between cable specifications and function.
cable terminal plug different

apple cable terminal is 20 plug, android cable terminal is micro USB plug, android type - The terminal is the USB type cable - c C plug, the android mini cable terminal is mini USB plug, apple 4 mobile terminal of the data cable is 30 pin dock interface ( 31 needle) 。
data by the use of the raw materials of finished wire different
molding data line is to use TPE material or PVC material of injection molding. Alloy weaving data line is the use of nylon weave materials were, plug place is filled with aluminum or zinc alloy shell. Outside is metal hose and cable, leather, fabric weave, ABS shell and so on.
the color of the cable specifications different
data cable color is different, the conventional cable generally use black or white, there are many different color cable, customers need to what color of cable can be customized, the color of a single cable may not have too much and the minimum quantity of an order limit, if you want to customize a variety of colors, a cable this minimum quantity requirement is higher. Different

the length of the cable cable factory in about 1 meter, the length of the conventional cable length is not fixed, of course, the needs of different customers, different length of how many can be customized according to customer's requirements.
the number of the use of wire core cable and wire diameter is not the same

the size of the wire core and wire core number determines the charging current speed of the data cable, cable are commonly use pure copper wire core, also had used tin bronze, enameled wire, etc. , wire diameter size and how much wire core can be customized.

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