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Recharge the phone charge less

by:Richupon      2020-07-05
Cell phones are now widely used, people for charging the mobile phone every day, and even many times, some people in charge for the convenience of, also stay in the office, a mobile phone cable freely anywhere charging. Sometimes I wonder if you find anything to recharge the phone, my phone is not in electricity, electricity but less and less, what causes this phenomenon, the following, and electronic to explain this strange phenomenon: a mobile phone users, less known and inferior brand charger and cable caused by improper use, often to over charge and discharge, such as the use of a less known and inferior brand mobile phones charger and cable, etc. Solution: don't use cheap charger and headphone cables with a less known and inferior brand, all of these are imperfect and the limit of the cost of protection circuit is easy to cause a bad battery, charging use better charger and headphone cables. Second, the battery aging failure capacity drops now is generally use lithium batteries, lithium battery itself has the certain service life ( Main indicator to charge and discharge time, normal use of up to 500 times or so, with the increase of number of capacity is proportional to drop, ordinary users can generally be used about two years! ) Solution: with a layer of plastic wrap encase batteries, and then a layer of paper bag, and then use a layer of plastic wrap package, put a frozen in 2 days, then take out to put in room temperature for 24 hours, so you can continue to use. Three, output voltage less than some people use the computer USB port for charging the mobile phone, but the computer output voltage and power are not up to standard of charging voltage and power, and the result is that the more the less, but also had certain influence of mobile phone hardware. Solution: don't use the computer's USB port to charge mobile phone, you should use the original charge. Above is mobile phone charging the charger, the less the reasons and solutions!
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