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Powerful Type - C cable

by:Richupon      2020-06-12
类型, How powerful C data cable with mobile phone constantly update, since 2015, more and more android phones are mostly changed into the Type - C interface, especially under the leadership of the major mobile phone brand manufacturers to take the lead, the Type - C interface to replace the Micro USB interface to become the new mainstream. Many people find that Type - C interface than Micro USB interface to use a few times, the Type - in the first place C and pluggable function is very practical, support USB3. 1 Type C interface data speeds up to 10 GBPS. Can transmit audio signals, expanded to a variety of audio and video output interface, such as HDMI/DVI/VGA interface, etc. Let's look at the Type - C interface of mobile phone these to function. Mobile phone can also use cable network if the WIFI even not at home, or was slow, ever think cell phone line can also connect to the Internet? For Type - C interface for mobile phones, this function is not difficult, only need through the Type - C network card interface, can connect the phone line, carefree watching TV movie or play 'chicken', the glory of Kings. Camera photos to mobile phones without a computer now picture pixel is higher and higher, but is still a big gap compared with SLR cameras. In daily life, with camera phones. But in travel, study and work, has not replace the position of the SLR. When we are in travel, with high pretend bility of SLR took a photo of meimei, at this time I really want to upload the circle of friends immediately while won numerous praise, but didn't have computers, how should do? Camera photo want to transfer to the mobile phone hair circle of friends or to others, the Type - C interface of mobile phone as long as through OTG card reader can be realized. In addition, if the phone has no memory expansion card slot, the card reader also can be used as mobile external expansion card slot. Store photos, movies, etc to the memory card, mobile phone may at any time through the card reader. Of course, there is a requirement, is a mobile phone must support OTG function. Type - currently on the market Mobile phone in the majority with high-end phones in C, basically all support OTG function. Mobile phones each other between photos more convenient between each other in the circumstance that does not have network can also transmit photos, want to old photos of the phone import new phone; Travel or go out with friends, friends photos need to be passed on to friends. If the two Type - C interface of mobile phone, can use Type - C mobile U disk, can be done. Insert U disk to mobile phones, photo copy to the U disk, and then insert U disk to another paste on cell phones can. For screen on TV, projector faster to transmitted from mobile phone images on TV and a projector, a Type - C turn HDMI line less than a few seconds to transmit in the past. But limited to mobile phone configuration, at present only huawei P20 series, huawei Mate 10 series and samsung S8, S8 + by Type C turn HDMI rapid screen. Can quick charge Type - C in the time of the mobile phone can receive messages is more and more rich, mobile phone battery consumption is becoming more and more fast, many people have half a day a charge. Further prediction of the arrival of the age of 5 g cell phone battery will be more and more not enough use, this will strengthen the people demand for charging treasure and charging equipment, also to the requirement of the quality and function will be more and more high. To support fast filling Type - C will further follow the requirements of The Times.
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